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Welcome to Oriya Botanix 

I started my journey in creating Oriya Botanix because health and wellness has always been a lifestyle for me.

I had always been a very active person, but in 2016 I suffered a life-threatening hit-and-run accident. Due to an unfortunate event that took place I was faced with additional health challenges. The weight of those experiences took its toll and that’s where my research towards Natural organic remedies began. Stress as we know it can target everyone in many different ways. For me it was my hair ,and so I made the decision to produce a self made treatment rather than other therapies, which can be costly. Being Sri Lankan descent, I have ancestral knowledge benefits of Ayurvedic medicine, which led me to develop oil for hair growth successfully helping others. I began using these oil mixtures on my hair, and within a short time, I began receiving many compliments on how healthy and vibrant my hair had become. People started to inquire about what I was using on my hair, and I realized that my oils could also help others. I have expanded the Oriya Botanix brand to include teas, shampoo, body cream, and other oils for a holistic approach to continue pursuing Ayurvedic health and wellness. The products are ethically sourced plants, Organic, natural, vegan and cruelty-free. 

Founder Chrissy

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